If you’re a serious player then you know how important it is to keep your cue in pristine condition.  You carefully shape the tip into a perfect half moon, buff the shaft until it glides through your hand like silk, and tuck it away in a special case at the end of the night.  So why would you trust your cue to a cheap holder – or worse – lean it against a table or stool where any minor bump could result in hundreds of dollars in damages?  Your cue is an investment and it’s time to treat it like one.  A good cue is a work of art and craftsmanship that can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

That’s where the E-Grip comes in; it’s an evolutionary way to protect every player’s most important tool.  Wherever you play, the E-Grip will keep your cue safe from kicks, slips, bumps, and falls.  Rigorous product testing has shown that even an intentional kick won’t knock your cue out of the E-Grip.  The rubberized surface both protects the shaft from nicks and grips the cue to keep it from sliding free.  With the E-Grip you’ll never have to hear the sickening smack of your cue hitting the ground again.

The E-Grip’s unique Groove Lock System allows it to latch securely to almost any table or counter top. It also features our exclusive screw-hook design that will keep your cue case off the ground and safe from damage, while also keeping all of the accessories you need at your fingertips.  The E-Grip also holds up to three cues at once, so you can keep your break stick, jump cue and any other specialty cues you need safely within arms reach for every shot.  Most remarkably, the E-Grip does all this while still being small enough to easily fit in your pocket or cue case. Every E-Grip features a sleek matte metal finish that will keep it from ever looking smeared or dingy.

You’re serious about your game; get serious about your equipment.  Every day that you play without the E-Grip you’re risking costly damage to your cue.  Click the button below to order your E-Grip now.