The Groove-Lock System

The E Grip’s patented Groove-Lock system lies at the heart of it’s easy adjust-ability. By providing a positive lock at 7 specific intervals, the E Grip can readily adapt to any size table. The positive grooves also provide tactile confirmation that the desired locking height has been achieved so you’ll always be assured of a strong grip.

Protect Your Cue

The E Grip features several unique design aspects that are all designed to protect your cue. By incorporating a geometrically derived formula, the symetrical hooks on the E Grip ensure that the cue can never slip out even which kicked or knocked. The rubberized strip along the perimeter protects the cue from knicks and dings.

An Evolutionary Product

When Brandon Gramse set out to create his ideal pool cue holder, he went through nearly 30 different design revisions before landing on the final E Grip design. Since every redesign was better than the last, the E Grip had a clearly defined path of improvement. It seemed only natural to call the product the E Grip, with the “E” standing for Evolution. The E Grip is the natural evolution of pool cue holders and it only gets better from here.

Adjust to Any Table

The E Grip’s patented adjustable locking system is the key to it’s versatility. By allowing up to three and a half inches of vertical adjustment, the E Grip is able to attach to virtually any table width. The E Grip is also able to clamp to the strap on a cue case which makes it even easier to transport in between locations.

Holds Cue Cases

Another standout feature to the E Grip is the screwhook at the bottom of the device that allows players to attach their cue case under the table. By hanging their case on the E Grip’s specially designed screwhook, players will prevent additional damage caused by other player’s stepping on it or knocking it over. Even better, they’ll be able to keep their case at waist-height which keeps all your accessories close at hand.